High voltage lightning protection device HY10W zinc oxide lightning protection silica gel arrester lightning protection device for power

100.0 Pieces
High voltage lightning protection device HY10W zinc oxide lightning protection silica gel arrester lightning protection device for power
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Model Number: HY5W.HY10W
Product name: High voltage arrestors
Type: resistance
Application: Lightning protection device
Quality: 100% Works
Material: resistance, silica gel
Certificate: ISO9001
証明: ISO9001
Model Number: HY5W.HY10W
Packaging Details: Packed in wooden cases
Supply Ability: 100000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Product overview:

Our Metal-oxide Surge Arresters for use in metal-encapsulated switchgear as well as for use in distribution networks for the protection of overhead lines, cables, stations, transformers, generators, capacitors and for the protection of motors and components of power electronics and secondary equipment.
The surge arresters limit harmful overvoltages, which are generated in the network by lightning strikes or switching actions thus improving the availability of the power supply. The surge arresters fullfill special high requirements regarding ambient conditions, energy handling capability, protection level and stability in service. 

Polymer-housed Metal-Oxide surge arresters are available in 5 kA and 10 kA Class 1 IEC 60099-4 designs.


 Product model description:


The MOV disks are combined with aluminum end electrodes and are encapsulated in a high strength composite wrap insulating material on our fully automated assembly line using strict quality control processes that eliminate manufacturing variances. The composite collar is cured to the MOV disk stack to form a solid insulation MOV disk module system that is inserted and bonded to the industry leading track resistant silicone rubber housing. This exclusive patented manufacturing process forms a secondary moisture seal under the primary silicone rubber housing seal, which makes the arrester impervious to moisture and capable of withstanding extreme electrical, environmental and cantilever load conditions. The composite wrapped polymer-housed Metal-Oxide surge arrester design represents a quantum leap in polymer arrester technology.



Service conditions:

1. Environment temperature : -40°C~+40°C;
2. Altitude: ≤1000m;
3. Rated frequency: 50Hz
4. Wind pressure: maximum wind speed 34m/s
5. Maximum horizontal-pulling force of the top arrester wire : 147N
6 .The power frequency voltage is less than the continous running voltage.




Product parameters1(3-40.5kv):


Product parameters2(45-1000kv):

Power station level high voltage arrester, support customization


Station Class Surge Arresters

Polymer Housing / Porcelain Housing

Voltage Class

45-1000 kV


Polymer type up to 220kV,


Porcelain type up to 1000kV

System Frequency

50/60 Hz

Nominal Discharge Current

1.5/5/10/20 kA

High Current Withstand,
Short Duration Withstand 4/10 μs

100 kA

Ambient Temperature

-50 to +45 °C

Line discharge class


Standard Pollution Level

Very Heavy (31 mm/kV)

Design altitude

≤ 1 000 m



The component of product:




Simple installation drawing of the product:

Advanced zinc oxide resistor sheet is used inside the product:




Product details:



Configurable mounting bracket:


Product Packaging:




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Product application scenarios:





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A: Sure, with your authorization of brand. We accept OEM service.



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