Porcelain Polymer Housed Surge Arrester 120KV In Power Transmission

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Porcelain Polymer Housed Surge Arrester 120KV In Power Transmission
特徴 ギャラリー 製品の説明 見積依頼
Model Number: Y10W5-120
Housed Material: porcelain, ceramic housed
Purpose: Over-Voltage Protection
Accessory: Bracket,Insulating cap,Cooper lead,Insulator,Hoop
Connection Type: Phase to Earth
Structure: Self-Standing
Type: Light Duty, Heavy Duty
Color: Brown
Certificate: KEMA
Product name: Polymer Housed Surge Arrester 120KV in Power Transmission
証明: KEMA
Model Number: Y10W5-120
Packaging Details: Wooden Case for Polymer Housed Surge Arrester 120KV in Power Transmission
Supply Ability: 35000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Polymer Housed Surge Arrester 120KV in Power Transmission


1. About Surge Arrester

YONGDE Surge Arresters can be applied to a variety of systems including substation equipment,

railway power system and power distribution units ranging from 0.28kV to 500kV systems.
These surge arresters demonstrate excellent protection properties. Our surge arresters incorporate

non-linear resistor ZnO elements with superior non-linear current- voltage characteristics,

high quality and reliability. Metal oxide type surge arresters offer such special features
inherent in the gapless structure, such as a quick response to surge voltage,

high energy dissipation capability, safe operation, compactness / lightweight and freedom from pollution.

0.28~500 KV Product's Characteristics:
1. The Core column applied winding structure, Polymer Housed core pillar molded on the core column,

with almost no internal air gap, and outstanding sealing performance Simple in structure, small in size

and light in weight.

2. Polymer Housed with silicone rubber, explosion-proof ZnO varistor as the core component is large

in flow capacity.

3. International standard IEC 60099-4 and ANSI 62.22, and with high reliability. With fully insulated tops,

the product can be applied to the complete cabinet installation,

which can reduce the designing size of cabinet.

4. Products with detachment device can provide signals for quitting operation when failure occurs,

avoiding arrester explosion, and it is maintenance-free.
5. Polymer housed products with a six CTI level, creepage distance meets the requirements of IV level

in heavy pollution areas.

2. Surge Arrester Technical Parameters

Type Y10W5-120/313
Rated voltage---------kV1204/10µS High current impulse kA 100
MCOV ----------------kV98Lightning impulse withstand kV550
Nominal Current-------kV10Power frequency voltage withstand(dry/wet)kV230
Residual voltage of steep impulse----at 5kA(kV)3600.1S TOV--------------kV144
8/20µS Residual voltage of lightning impulse current kV(Peak value)-----at 5kA(kV)3041S TOV----------------kV138
Residual voltage of switching impulse current kV (peak value)----at 1kA (kV)23910S TOV---------------kV132
1mA D.C reference voltage (kV)1741200S TOV-------------kV120
Line discharge level3Creepage distance ----mm3906
2mS long duration impulse current A850Material employed in series non-linear resistorZinc Oxide

3. Surge Arrester Working Condition

Environment temperature: -40--+40 degree
48HZ<Rated frequency<62HZ
Power frequency voltage should not be more than continuous running voltage
Max wind speed should be less than 35m/s
Earthquake intensity should be less than 7 degree
If used in contamination area, should be noted in advance.

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