UL94 OEM 15kA T1 385V Energy Home SPD Shutdown Device SPD Surge Protection V-0 40kA

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UL94 OEM 15kA T1 385V Energy Home SPD Shutdown Device SPD Surge Protection V-0 40kA
特徴 ギャラリー 製品の説明 見積依頼
Model Number: WR-T1
Uc: 275V/385v
ln(8/20μs): 15kA
limp(10/350μs): 15kA
Up: ≤1.8kV
Type: 3P+NPE
tA: ≤25ns
Enclosure material: UL94 V-0
Test standard: IEC 61643-1/GB 18802.1
IP degred: IP20
Model Number: WR-T1
Packaging Details: inner box + outside carton
Product Description
Title goes here.
— Consistent pluggability(even for N/PE spark gap)
— Own developed technology to manufacture MOV
— Thermal disconnect device for each individual connector
— Optical,mechanical status indication for the individual arresters
— With or without floating remote indication contact
— Suitable for almost all network configurations
— Din rail mountable (35 mm)
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage
275V or 385V
Nominal Discharge Current(8/20μs)
Lightning Impulse Current (10/350μs)
Voltage Protection Level
Response Time
Max. backup fuse
125A gL/Gg
TOV Voltage

Operating Temperature range

Cross-sectional area

Mounting on

35mm DIN rail
Enclosure material

Test standards

IEC 61643-1; GB 18802.1; YD/T 1235.1

We are factory

Metal Oxide Varistors(MOV)

The MOV is the most important part of surge protector.WRDZ have independent chip manufacturing line include MOV Sintering Furance,MOV Automatic Welding Line.
Prilling Tower Sintering Furnace Automatic MOV Production Power Coating

Independent production of accessories

All accessories of WRDZ are independently produced, including shell, copper parts and chips.Therefore, the quality and production cycle of each order can be fully guaranteed.

Own test laboratory

WRDZ have testing equipment such as 10/350μs 40KA and 8/20μs 120KA Simulated lightning test equipment, High voltage TOV and low voltage TOV.If necessary, we can provide the parameters of each test for customers' reference.
T1 (10/350μs) and T2 ( 8/20μs) test
TOV Test Bed
Glowing Filament test

Automatic Production Line

WRDZ have automatic production line, can control the production cycle and product quality of each batch of orders
1.Spot Welding
2.Pour Glue
3.Product Testing
4.Laser or Pad Printing
Application Scenarios

Industrial Electricity

In the industrial sector, with high transformer/short-circuit currents compact,powerful surge protection is necessary for the reliable availability of state-of the-art plant technology. Prevent failures with the right surge protection

Data Centres

Data centre and therefore the constant availability of data are cornerstones of daily life without them, not much else works. An important component of a comprehensive protection concept is powerful lightning and surge protection.

Solar System

Photovoltaic solar system are made up of hundreds of solar panels, connected to several sensitive equipments.
They present a high risk of direct lightning impact and surges due to the large exposed area and the long lengths of the electric conductors. In order to avoid problems leading to costly damage and downtime, it is compulsory to install surge protectors at key points in the PV system.

Urban Architecture

The risks from lightning strikes, surge voltages and the spread of fire to the electrical building installation are frequently underestimated.It is not only the direct lightning strikes that can lead to major damage to electronic devices and systems, but also lightning strikes at distances of up to two kilometres or everyday switching operations in the power grid. Fires can also start quickly in this manner.
Q:Are you factory or trade company?
A:We are factory and can provide OEM,ODM with your demand.Plz confirm our factory video.

Q: Which TYPE of surge protector you can offer?
A: We can produce both DC and AC surge protectors.Ac types SPD will provide T1,T1T2,T2,T3 type in single-phase or three-phase .Dc types of SPD can provide 600V to 1200V in voltage.Also can customize with your demand.

Q: How to select the SPD to protect your system?
A: In the main distribution box of the facility,usually will use T1 and T1T2 type.In the secondary distribution box,usually will
use T1T2 or T2 type.In the terminal of distribution box like residence,usually will use T2 or T3 type.Plz contact with salesman to select the specs.

Q: Which certification or standard do you have?
A: Our company currently has CE and RoHS certification and related test reports.And all conforms to IEC 61643-11 and national standard GB/T18802.1.

Q: How to control product quality?
A: From the chip to copper part,We use good material to produce all accessories ourself. Each procedure of producing is controlled by automated equipment and will test by machine so we can keep the quality and delivery term.

Q: About the dc type surge protector
A: At present,we can provide T1T2 and T2 type dc spd. T1T2 type will be used in mian distribution box for PV system.T2 type will be used in distribution box for personal solar system.

Q: About the mov/varistor
A: We can sell the chip separately and you can choose mov with different currents and voltage.

Q: About the delivery term
A: At present,we dont make enough stock for all models. Plz confirm with salesman to get the accurate delivery term.
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