Security 10KV Lightning Arrester High Voltage Surge Arrester For Electric Fence System

10 Pieces
$12.00(10 - 49 Pieces) $8.50(50 - 99 Pieces) $8.00(>=100 Pieces)
Security 10KV Lightning Arrester High Voltage Surge Arrester For Electric Fence System
特徴 ギャラリー 製品の説明 見積依頼
Model Number: TH-HV17K
Weight: 0.9kg
Warranty: 1 Year
Application: security
Material: steel
Color: red
Model: TH-HV17K
energy saving pattern: yes
International Standard: IEC60335 2-76/IS09001/IP54
Type: High Voltage
Condition: China
Model Number: TH-HV17K, TH-HV17K

Product Description

Technical Datas
Model (distribution type) Nominal Rated continuous Residual voltage Residual voltage of Residual voltage DC 1mA Flow capacity
voltage Voltage operation voltage of steep impulse Lightning impulse of operation reference of 2ms square
kVr.m.s kVr.m.s kVr.m.s current kVp impulse current voltage wave
kVp kVp kVp A
HY5WS-17 10 17 13.6 57.5 50 42.5 25 100

Technical Standard

The design and test of Metal Oxide Polymer Surge Arrester is complied full with IEC99-4.

Sevice Conditions

a) Ambient air temperature within the range of -55°C to +50°C.

b) Altitude not exceeding 2000m.

c) Frequency of the A.C. Power supply not less than 48hz and not exceeding 62hz.

d) Power frequency voltage applied continuous between the teminals of the arrester not

exceeding its continuous operating voltage.

e) Maximum wind speed not exceeding 35m/s.

f) Earthquake intensity not exceeding 7 degrees.


- Low residual voltage
- Long protection distance
- High energy input capacity
- Stable U-I characteristics even after multiple strokes
- Proof against ageing
- Explosion and shatter-resistant design
- Pollution resistant and UV-stable
- Housing resistant to rough handling
- Maintenance free
- Stable against shock and vibration
- High mechanical resistance

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