GADA Class I 25KA AC 280V 385V Lighting Single Phase Surge Arrester G20-A25-2P

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GADA Class I 25KA AC 280V 385V Lighting Single Phase Surge Arrester G20-A25-2P
特徴 ギャラリー 製品の説明 見積依頼
Model Number: G20-A25-2P
Color: orange
証明: CE,CQC
Nominal discharge current(In): 25KA
Maximum discharge current(Imax): 25KA
voltage waveform: 10/350μs
Maximum continuous operating voltage(Uc): 280/385V(can be customization)
Voltage protection level(Up): ≤1.8KV
Warranty: 1year
Test category: Class I
Product name: lightning surge arrester
証明: CE,CQC
Model Number: G20-A25-2P

GADA Class I 25KA AC 280V 385V lighting single phase surge lightning arrester

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Product Description

G20-A25 series voltage limiting type / voltage switching type primary power surge protectors are designed according to IEC and GB standards, and applied to surge protection at the first stage of the power supply system. Products are standard 35mm rail mounting methods.

G20-A25 series voltage limiting type / voltage switching type primary power surge protectors with high flow capacity, single module impact current up to 50kA (10/350 s), can prevent all kinds of lightning surge. Products are applied to the power supply of the equipment system in the higher risk area of lightning strike. The first surge protection can be used in single phase / three-phase power supply line.

Product capability parameter

Product model








Rated frequency

One port

One port

One port

SPD category

Voltage limiting type

Voltage switching type

Voltage switching type

Test category

Class I test

Class I test

Class I test

Rated voltage Un

220V AC 50~60Hz

220V AC 50~60Hz

220V AC 50~60Hz

Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc

385V AC 50~60Hz

385V AC 50~60Hz

385V AC 50~60Hz

Insulation resistance




Impulse discharge current llimp(10/350μs)




Voltage protection level Up(1.2/50μs)




Response time tA








Sectional area of wires


Installation method

35mm standard rail (EN50022/DIN46277-3)

Working environment temperature


Sheathing material

Plastic, accord with UL94 V-0

Protection level



CQC CE Type test


Model G20-A25-2P
Color orange
Certification CE,CQCMT series Class I 25KA AC 280V 385V type1 surge protection device
purpose 1,Main power distribution panel in buildings
2,Overhead distribution box in buildings
3,Outdoor distribution cabinet / distribution box
function To shunt and pressure limitingthe indirect lightning current, direct lightning current or other instantaneous overvoltage.
Characteristic 1:Large discharge energy
2:Long service life
3:Voltage protection level is less than 2500V
selling point 1:No follow current
2:No leakage current
3:High safety coefficient
4:Strong environmental resistance
5:Modular installation

1:Over 10 years experience in production and processing
2:faster product innovation, production specialization, timely delivery
3:Strict quality inspection procedure



Company Profile



Q1: Selection of surge protector

Al: The grading of the surge protector (commonly known as lightning protection) Is assessed according to the IEC61024 subdivision lightning protection theory, which is installed at the junction of the partition.Technical requirements and functions differ. The first-stage lightning protection device is installed between the 0-1 zone, high for the flow requirement, the minimum requirement of GB50057 is 12.5 ka (10/350), and the second and third levels are installed between the 1-2 and 2-3 zones, mainly to suppress the overvoltage.

Q2:Are you a lightning surge protectors factory or lightning surge protectors trading company?MT series Class I 25KA AC 280V 385V type1 surge protection device

A2: We are lightning surge protectors manufacturer.

Q3: Warranty and return:

A3:1. lightning surge protectors products and accessories have been tested by 3 times before ship out.

  2.We own the best after-sale service team, if any problem happens, our team will do our best to solve it for you. 

Q4: How can I get some lightning surge protectors samples?

A4: We are honored to offer you lightning surge protectors samples, pis contact our staff and leave detailed contact information, we promise to keep your information confidential.

Q5: Is sample available and free?

AS: Sample is avaible, but the sample cost should be pay by you.The cost of sample will be refund after further order.

Q6:Do you accept customized order?

A6:Yes, we do.

Q7: What's the delievery time?

A7:It usually takes 7-15days after confirming payment, but specific time should be based on the order quantity.


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