Single Phase Ethernet Surge Arrester Arrester Protective Device Lightning Protective Modules LXY-20C/2

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Single Phase Ethernet Surge Arrester Arrester Protective Device Lightning Protective Modules LXY-20C/2
特徴 ギャラリー 製品の説明 見積依頼
Model Number: LXY-20C/2
Operating Voltage: 220V
Continuous working voltage: 385V
Nominal Discharge Current: 10KA
Maximum discharge current: 20KA
Maximum continuous operating voltage: ≤1.5KV
Working Environment: -40°C +80°C
Dimension(mm): 90*66*36
Color: red
Model Number: LXY-20C/2
Packaging Details: 1pc/pp bag, carton for outsdie packing
Supply Ability: 500 Piece/Pieces per Month
Product Parameters
Operating Voltage
Continuous working voltage
Nominal Discharge Current
Maximum discharge current
Maximum continuous operating voltage
Working Environment
’-40°C +80°C
Products Description

Product Description:

This product is a single-phase parallel connection power surge protector device (called: SPD).This product is designed as modular with artistic outline,easy wire connection and simple installation,simple maintenance,working in a relatively harsh environment and maintaining in a long-term stability.SPD can effectively prevent overvoltage and over current which are induced by lightning or industrial noise and other factors,and other transient surge voltage on the system or equipment or cause permanent damage or momentarily interruption and other hazards..
◆ Apply to third-level power lightning surge protection of lightning protection class C, class D information system.
◆ With work instructions,indicate deterioration module functions,green (normal),red (failure).
◆The product is designed as modular with good tightness, working indictor and degradation indicator.It is convenient for
◆With temperature control breaker, build-in over currents fuse protector, completely avoid the fire.
◆With advantage of extremely quick respond, large intake capacity, small leakage power, long work life, simple maintenance.It is especially suitable for harsh lightning environments.
◆Apply to communication, television broadcasting, computer room, automatic control and mechanical equipment and all distribution equipment lightning protection.
Product Installation
1. SPD is use for to power distribution system third-level lightning protection. It is installed in parallel on into the line side of the total power distribution equipment or the power distribution box in the buildings, with 35mm electrical lead rail, Kevin connections can be used.Cut off the power before installation, strictly prohibit powered operation.
2. Before installation please according to installation diagram of connections,including L is phase line,N is zero line,PE is ground line,please connect correctly.When installation is complete,close the automatic circuit breaker,check the working condition is normal or not.
3. During using lightning protection module,we should monitored and check the status display window regularly,when the display window was red orremote terminal output signal ,it means the lightning protection module failure,it should be promptly repaired or replaced.
4. Apply to indoor operation, such as outdoors installation,you must install waterproof shell.
5. All wiring must be solid and connect by electric. SPD cable: BVR≥2.5mm2, grounding line: BVR ≥ 4mm2, the lead length should be less than 1m and the shorter the better.
6. Lightning proof groundingshould be consistent with lightning protection regulatory requirements, grounding wire should be as thick and short as possible,resistance should be less than 10Ω.
ail installation, standard modular design.

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