Outdoor Electrical Equipment Silicone Rubber Lightning Arrester 33KV Surge Arrester YH5W

1000.0 Pieces
Outdoor Electrical Equipment Silicone Rubber Lightning Arrester 33KV Surge Arrester YH5W
特徴 ギャラリー 製品の説明 見積依頼
Model Number: YH5W
Color: Gray
Voltage: 48Hz~62Hz
Name: Surge Arrester
Model Number: YH5W
Packaging Details: Plywood Box or as per customer's request
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Electrical equipment outdoor silicone rubber Lightning Arrester 33KV Surge Arrester

Product Description



1.Has the advantages of small volume,light weight, resistance to impact,transport without damage ,flexible installation,suitable for use in the switch cabinet.

2.Special structure,integrally molded, no gas gap,good sealing performance,moisture-proof, explosion-proof;

3. Big creepage distance,good hydrophobicity,strain resistant capability,stable performance,reduce operation and maintenance;

4.Unique formula of zinc oxide varistor, the leakage current is small,the aging speed, long service life.

5.With the DC reference voltage square wave,flow capacity and large current withstand capability are higher than the national standard.

Conditions Of Use

1.Power frequency:48Hz~62Hz

2.Ambient temperature:-40 degree to + 40 degrees C

3.The maximum wind speed of no more than 35m/s

4.Altitude not exceeding 2000m

5.No more than 8 degree earthquake intensity

6.Ice thickness is less than 10mm

7.Long applied voltage does not exceed the maximum continuous operating voltage of the rays of the sun:

solar maximum irradation(1.1kw/mm²)impact has been in the product type test to be considered,if the arrester has in the vicinity of other sources, lighting arrester used for both sides.

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